Tuesday, February 9, 2010

No placement cell for Mass Communication department, But why?

It is the common grievances of all the students of Mass Communication Department here at AMU and recently during such a visit by the Hon'ble Vice Chancellor, such question was put forward by M.A(Prev.) students Mohd Adil Siddiqui & Mohammad Jadeed that why AMU doesn't conduct campus placement for the students of this department. The answer was avoided. I think this is not an answer that "not-so-famous" universities need placement cell and not like an reputed university of such stature like AMU. This is the age of competition and education is very much job oriented. When famous institution like IIT's or top universities of the world organizes job fair or investing millions in their Placement cell this is deplorable that AMU Authorities are taking the matter of placement for such an important Professional Course so carelessly.
Whatever AMU Mass Comm students has achieved it is due to their personal effort. Students will always try their best to find a job to bring smile on the faces of their parents, family etc- thats natural.But AMU? If AMU do not cope with time and ignore its professional responsibilities and do not implement advance agendas for students soon the reputation of such programmes( i.e Mass Communication) will be at stake.
Today AMU should learn from newly established Universities like MANUU who are boastfully conducting such placement programme and taking the onus upon themselves of sending their students in the reputed media agencies.
Mass Communication is an important subject and today we need more media persons of our community at the helm of affairs. We know its all about the business of news which shape the politics of the country.

I propose there should be a Central Placement Cell for the Faculty of Social Science which shall cater to the students of Mass Communication, MSW and other courses.

Today students of Mass Communication of AMU need hope from the side of the AMU administration and expect that they shall work for our welfare. Probably tomorrow we can stop other Adil Siddiqui and Jadeed from questioning and getting disappointed.
( We friends among ourself often vent out this frustration)

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