Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Between Rumors and Truth: Zafar Khan, Alig from Delhi

 Between RUMOURS and TRUTH
 AMU Updates April 2011

The detractors [of the VC Prof. P.K Abdul Azis] were eagerly and anxiously waiting for the report of the Fact Finding Committee of justice B. A. Khan and justice AN Divecha. It was already almost known to the people that justice Khan was trying to protect the VC, and justice Divecha had made his angst known through the national English dailies. There were rumours on the campus that by 13th March 2011 as high as Rs 5 crores had to be delivered somewhere if the VC wished to save himself from being indicted. What is intriguing for everybody is that even after the “Interim Report” has been submitted to the Union Minister, and Justice Divecha is reported to have indicted the highest functionaries, and even Justice Khan has not spared them (even though he has not been as harsh and forthright), the detractors have maintained a BIG SILENCE. On 23 March 2011, they (on the platform of the AMUTA) called a Union Minister, Ghulam N. Azad as the Chief Guest, but they did not raise the issue of VC’s indictment, despite the fact that on that very day, their rival had become the Proctor. On 20th April 2011, a correspondent of the Indian Express, Anubhuti Vishnoi, published a news-item that the Union government is contemplating the idea of handing over the case to the CBI. Yet there was no enthusiasm among the detractors that finally their tormentor, the VC, will be undergoing the ordeal they have been waiting since 2008. Have the detractors gone into some under-hand dealings with the establishment? After all they have gifted this wonderful academician VC to AMU. This is a question in everybody’s mind. Under this backdrop one fellow of this caucus has announced his candidature for AMUTA, elections to be held on 28th April 2011.
Which lobby is behind many other contestants? It remains a mystery for most people. 
Meanwhile the newly elected AMU Students’ Union has emerged as another power-centre and co-sharer of the ongoing loot. It is believed that they have played a serious role in the replacement of the previous Proctor with the incumbent one; otherwise the VC was reportedly reluctant on the name. The AMUSU has discovered the specific lucrative targets. The Students’ Stationery Mart is one such target. Its MIC has got frivolous, dirty past, yet he managed to rise to this position. Informed insiders whisper that the PA to the Registrar is the big player in this wonderful game. This PA is said to be too smart. He has managed to centralise the recruitment of the daily-wagers, disempowering the Chairman of the Departments. The slaves called Chairman/Dean can’t dare speaking against this arrangement. It is said that the rate of bribe for recruitment of each daily-wager is Rs 70,000. It is also said that one favourite of the Registrar was about to replace the MIC, SS Mart, but he missed the opportunity as he failed to manage the PA to Registrar. There are other 2-3 Asstt./ Dy. Registrars who are emulating their VC or A. Raja, so far as wreck-less indulgence in corruption (leaving evidences) is concerned. Pension fixation is increasingly being done on bribery in many cases. Yet, these non-teaching officers continue to remain beloved of the VC. Now these officers will make money in counting the academic points of the teachers for their recruitments/ promotions. The VC will love to keep them there in the lucrative offices; the teachers’ lobbies will become party to all these sinister games. Upright and performing employees will continue to suffer perilously.
Rahey naam Allah Ka  
Zafar Khan
Batla House, New Delhi

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