Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Know your University Functionaries: Dean Students Welfare, AMU

Prof K A Nizami, Former Dean Students Welfare(D.S.W), AMU

Section 5 of Chapter XXIII of the Aligarh Muslim University Ordinances( Executive)

 Powers and Duties of the Dean, Student's Welfare:

A- Membership of the University Court, Councils,Faculty and Committees :

(i) The Dean, Student's Welfare (D. S. W.) shall be member of the University Court.
(ii) The D. S. W. shall be a member of the Academic Council.
(iii) The D. S. W. shall be a member of the Board of Secondary Education.
(iv) The D. S. W. shall be a member of the Committee of Examinations.
(v) The D. S. W. shall be a member of Library Committee.
(vi) The D. S. W. shall be a member of the Admission Committee.
(vii) The D. S. W. will be the Chairman of the Hall Amenities Committee consisting of all the Provosts, the Building and Electrical Engineers,the Chief Medical Officer, and such other functionaries as may be coopted, which will look into all matters connected with the basic student amenities in the Halls of Residence and the N. R.-S C., and will submit periodic reports
to the Vice-Chancellor.
(viii) The D. S. W. shall be a member of Discipline Committee and Games Committee.

B- Administrative Functions and Responsibilities :

(i) The D.S.W. shall coordinate the activities of the various Halls of Residence and the N.R.S.C.
(ii) The D.S.W. shall coordinate the work of allotment of residential accommodation and shifting of residental students from one Hall to another.
(iii) The D.S.W. shall monitor the functioning of the University Health Service and indoor treatment of students in consultation with the Chief Medical Officer and the Provost concerned.
(iv) The D.S.W. shall coordinate the proper functioning of the dining halls to ensure uniformity of cost and standards to the extent possible.
(v) The D.S.W. shall be the Chairman of the Canteen Committee. 

(vi) The D.S.W. shall be actively associated in the running of the Coaching and Guidance Centre, National Social Service Scheme, Employment Bureau, General Education Centre of the University and other co-curricular activities of students, in consultation with the In-Charge of the organisation concerned.
(vii) The D.S.W. shall be the Coordinator of Admissions of Foreign Students.
(viii) The D.S.W. shall co-ordinate and arrange the disbursement of all financial aids, scholarships, stipends etc. to the students.
(ix) The D.S.W. shall make arrangement with Railway authorities for the issue of railway concessions to students during vacations for educational tours, and for students participation in extracurricular activities and sports.
(x) The D.S.W. will issue character certificates to the students after obtaining reports from the Provosts the Dean of Faculty concerned and the Proctor in respect of the students.
(xi) The D.S.W. shall perform such other functions for the welfare of the students as the Vice-Chancellor may direct as may be prescribed in the Regulations from time to time.
(xii) The D.S.W. shall be the Drawing and Disbursing Officer for his office and the appointing authority of 'D' category staff working under him.

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