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Who is a Provost at AMU? Know your University functionaries

                                                                                                               Prof.Mohammad Habib, 1st Provost of Aftab Hall in 1932-34 and a world famous historian on Medieval India

Section 7 of Chapter XXIII of the Aligarh Muslim University Ordinances( Executive) 
Power and Duties of Provosts of Halls of Residence and N. R. S. C.

(i) The Provosts shall be appointed in accordance with the provisions of Statute 11 of the Statutes of the University, and shall receive such allowance as may be fixed by the Executive Council.
(ii) The Provost shall allot students to various Hostels in the Hall of residence at the time of admission.
(iii) The Provost shall be responsible for the maintenance of personal records of the students in respect of their academic performance and character.
(iv) The Provost shall be responsible to look after the general well-being of resident students particularly sick students who are hospitalised.
(v) It shall be the responsibility of the Provost to promote the corporate life of the students in the Hall and to provide amenities for reading room, games, sports, cultural and literary activities, Coaching & Guidance Cell, and other extra curricular activities, to the extent possible within the financial allocations made for the purpose.

(vi) The Provost shall supervise the functioning of the Dining Hall in his Hall of Residence, and shall be responsible for providing economical, hygienic and reasonably nutritious food to resident students. The Provost shall also be responsible to ensure continuous functioning of the Dining Hall and to ensure that all resident students take their meals in the Dining Hall as far as possible. For the purpose of effective functioning of the Dining Hall, the Provost should occasionally take meals with the resident students in the Dining Hall.
(vii) All concessions and financial assistance to students shall be awarded by the Provost on the recommendation of a Committee consisting of the wardens of the Hall, and one person nominated by the Vice-Chancellor, the Committee to be chaired by the Provost. The Provost shall ensure that all awards are decided within two months of closure of admissions. 
(viii) The Provost shall be responsible for the maintenance of discipine among the students within the Hall in accordance with Student's Conduct and Disciplinary Rules. Without prejudice to the powers given to various functionaries of the University, under Statute 35, the Provost may frame, with the approval of the Vice-Chancellor, such supplementary rules as deemed necessary for maintenance of discipline among students
within the Hall. Every student resident in the Hall should however be supplied with a copy of rules so made.
(ix) The Provost shall be in general administrative charge of the Hall of Residence and shall have the following powers and duties for that purpose:-
(a) To procure funds for running the Hall to maintain the accounts, to make necessary purchases and arrange for periodic stock verification in the manner prescribed.
(b) To look after the upkeep and maintenance of Hall buildings and equipments, through the Building, Electricity and other concerned Departments of the University.
(c) To appoint and to take disciplinary action in his capacity as appointing authority against 'D' category staff of the Hall establishment and to maintain their service records in accordance with University rules.
(d) To supervise the working of wardens and employees of the Hall and to ensure that they are doing their job to the best satisfaction of the students.

(e) To act as the drawing and disbursing officer of the Hall of Residence and to operate all
funds placed at his disposal by the Finance and Accounts Department of the University.
(f) To control shops and other commercial establishments within Hall premises in consultation with the Proctor.
(g) To correspond with the guardians of the students regarding illness, indiscipline, and non-payment of arrears etc., of the students.
(h) To ensure that no unauthorised person stays in the Hall of Residence.
(x) The Provost shall be assisted in the administration of the Hall by a number of wardens sanctioned for the Hall from time to time.
(xi) The Dean, Students' Welfare having been given the responsibility of coordination between various Halls, the Provosts shall attend all meetings convened by the Dean, Students' Welfare, and shall implement to the extent possible, all decisions made in such meetings.
(xii) The Provost may delegate some of his powers to the wardens of the Hall working under him for the purpose of better administration of the Hall, but over all responsibility shall continue to vest in the Provost.
(xiii) The Provost shall appoint all Hall and Hostel post holders from among the students of the Hall and fix their duties.
(xiv) The Provost shall arrange for holding periodic meetings of the Hall Council.
(xv) The Provost shall perform such other duties as may be assigned to him by the Vice-Chancellor and may exercise such other powers as may be laid down from time to time.

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