Tuesday, September 14, 2010

AMU Proctor Office is expert in fictional report

Deputy Proctor Dr. Fareed A Khan

".....went to I.G.Hall on instigation of Mr.Shujatullah and Mr.Irfan Khan along with them and 30-35 other students on 31.10.2009 at around 12.15 pm.There he tried to enter inside the I.G. Hall. They threatened the girls( leaving for homes) for forcefully kidnapping them if they shall go home in response to the notice of the closure of the University. They were later on chased by the C.O Civil Lines, Inspector Civil Lines and Proctorial Team Members/ Security"...Page No.14, 
Departmental Inquiry Report submitted by Deputy Proctor(Convener) Dr. Fareed A Khan & Dr. M.Kaleemuddin Ahmad, Asst Proctor( Member) & Dr. Mohd. Israel( Member) on the events of October, 2009.

Well well this portion seems to be straight out of a script of any Abbas Mastan directed  bollywood movie, which is full of action. There are villains, there are the oppressed female community who were at the verge of getting kidnapped and there are the real heroes who colorfully showed their heroism by chasing the villains. This Mr.Irfan Khan,Phd, Mass Communication( Recipient of Gold Medal from Minister of HRD for securing highest % in his graduation in India) got suspended recently for speaking to the media "without the permission of the lawful authorities" . A disgraceful act for any villain I must say. His villainy disappointed us here. 

Till now RTI Act, 2005 exposed many negative aspects of the AMU administration. But who knew that this would also discover the hidden qualities of the Proctor Officials in writing fictional stories( leaving apart the level of English in the report). I mean you ask by using the RTI Act to furnish any complaint letter from any girl who received threats of getting kidnapped and you will get the answer, "No records available in Proctor Office".  So sitting in the air-conditioned room of Proctor Office when one start emulating the literary qualities of Sydney Sheldon or Sharadindu Chatterjee( who wrote Bomkyesh Bakshi series) in writing thriller or inserting thrilling plots in the Departmental Inquiry without relying on single evidence or facts on record one cant but heap praise on them. Hopefully soon we can hear that teachers at AMU waiting in line to be Asst.Proctor or Dy.Proctor at AMU to hon their writing skills. I mean no doubt if this trend continues may be someday we can have some names nominated from the Proctor Office for Man Booker Prize in Fiction. 

These people do not have even a single evidence( mind it I said single) on record and they went on to write 14 page or 10 page or 6 page Inquiry Report where students forcefully close the classes, or manhandle journalists, or kidnap girls or make violent attack on Offices and Officials. If there are incidents of violence let it be recorded and take due action on the guilty as per the law. But why these people from the Proctor Office relish in lying to the world? What prompt a teacher to forget all the ethics and morality and becoming a liar in order to make students villain and there people the hero thus forgetting the fact that teachers are presumed to be the ideal for the students? Why there is no check from the higher authorities on such blatant practice of lying and rather they mouth the same words written in such fictional reports? 

In the Inquiry Report on my second suspension the Asst.Proctor Dr.Nafees Ahmad wrote that I am "playing in the hands of some disgruntled elements and sick minded people of the university who do not want to see peace, progress and prosperity in and around the campus". Very well said and good that university is also concerned about all these factors, also about the surroundings whose filthy streets recently were discussed in the yahoo groups. But when a RTI application was filed to know the names of these disgruntled elements and sick minded people the answer was again the same "No list of such disgruntled and sick minded peoples is available in this office record". So what we can interpret? That our Proctor Officials don't know what is an Inquiry Report and how to write it( which any official writes based on evidences and facts on record and not sheer imagination) and they rather believe they are in a short story writing competition organized by the AMU authorities where one must flaunt the power of imagination to frame students with as many angles as possible. What are the prizes by the way for justifying the butchering of students career with such fictional reports? Another better post at the University or immediate holding of Selection Committees and ready promotion? To quote iconic singer Bob Dylan again the answer my friend is blowing in the wind. 

There is another interesting Inquiry Report submitted by Dr. Hasan Imam, Asst. Proctor on the matters concerning Mr.Afaq Ahmad, M.Phil Mass Communication. Let me not discuss it line by line else it would be another literary review of fiction for which space is very limited. But the modus operandi in writing that is also the same to victimize this poor student who exposed the corruption in the Dining Hall of V.M.Hall and today facing the brunt that I can say. 

There is a quotation by Martin Luther King( Jr) where he lamented the silence of the good people. 
It is like, History will have to record that the greatest tragedy of this period of social transition was not the strident clamor of the bad people, but the appalling silence of the good people. "

Next time you need to read a thriller story in your leisure time. Just order for such Inquiry Report at the Proctor Office, AMU. I bet you won't be disappointed.

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