Monday, October 25, 2010


Press Release

Aligarh, October 25: The visionary Vice-Chancellor of Aligarh Muslim University Prof. P .K. Abdul Azis today in a Press Conference announced that a new chapter is going to be written soon in the pages of our Alma Mater as from the academic session 2010-11 a Centre for Corruption Studies is going to be operational in our University. The recent revelation in the National Media that the Two Judge Inquiry Committee constituted by President of India to Inquire into the financial bungling at AMU worth 90 lack has already spent 43 lack allegedly without following rules has generated huge interest among the Indian Citizens and many believe only AMU can provide world class education with state-of-the-art infrastructure in Corruption Studies.

It has been decided that three courses namely “Diploma in University Corruption”, “Diploma in Judicial Corruption” & “Diploma in Games Corruption” will be started at first as on experimental basis and then later on University may offer Graduate Degrees in the coming years. The Vice-Chancellor said in his statement that it’s a matter of pride that Chairman of Olympic Committee Shri Suresh Kalmadi has agreed to be the Guest Lecturer for the students enrolled in “Diploma in Games Corruption” & Former Chief Justice of Karnataka tainted Justice P.D.Dinakaran would deliver some initial lectures on process to commit Judicial Corruption. However at the request of many prospective students and prominent Old Boys Vice-Chancellor has kindly agreed to take the classes in “Diploma in University Corruption” out of his busy schedule.

It has been decided that the Centre for Corruption Studies shall be directly attached to the Vice-Chancellor’s Secretariat in spite of repeated requests from the Deans from the Faculty of Arts, Faculty of Social Sciences, Faculty of Commerce, Faculty of Management Studies and Faculty of Law. Vice-Chancellor passionately argued that though Corruption is an art and philosophy both, or results from flawed economic theory, or it’s related to trade and business, or about imperfect management, or a completely legal issue but as his Officer has beautifully blended it all as alleged his Secretariat should get this honour. To overcome the legal hassle in attaching an academic body with administrative body like Vice-Chancellor’s Secretariat it has been made clear that necessary changes will be made in Section 5,6,11 and Statute 20 the Aligarh Muslim University Act. He hoped that to pave a new era in his struggle to retain corruption in India the members of Executive Council, Academic Council and AMU Court will unanimously pass such changes keeping full faith in the Vice-Chancellor’s noble initiative.

In answering one question the Vice-Chancellor rejected the apprehension that some disgruntled Old Boys can thwart this opening of new Centre by taking the legal route. He made it clear that such outside elements only want to disturb the peace and tranquillity required to run such modern Centre of Corruption and Indian Courts would surely dismiss such case on the grounds that these Old Boys do not have local standi in the corruption going on at AMU.

He said he has already received proposals from various state Governments to start such new Centres in their backward districts and already offered the help of hundreds of senior Officers already excelling on this subject. People from all these places has shown tremendous response to such noble idea where they believe that the vision and mission of corruption from this iconic Vice-Chancellor should reach at their door and by 2020 they become full fledged University with the help of the UPA Government recently internationally famous for CWG corruption.

Public Relation Officer
Aligarh Muslim University 

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