Friday, October 22, 2010

P.K.Azis regime holds record in Student Oppression

I said recently that Public Relations Office has always acted like the propaganda machine and during the war mongering seasons against students its the Berlin Radio of Hitlers Germany. Even today the food boycott by the students from VM Hall and Habib Hall in support of the students sitting on hunger strike has got a different colour in the Press Release of the meeting of VC with Provosts. Amar Ujala the local Hindi paper has reported the incident of SS Hall as " SS Hall walo ne Khana Chhora"..Well so its evident that media is not buying PRO's story and reporting the facts with very much objectivity..

Now one of my colleague from the Dept. of Mass Communication ( MA in 2009)  Mr.Shehzad Alam has filed an excellent RTI application at the Proctor Office. I have till now proved with documentary evidence that Proctor Officials at AMU usually relish in harassing students at petty issues and played with the career of many by sheer manipulation which I equate for a student with death. They neither have any morality nor any respect for the rule of law which is evident from their False Departmental Inquiry reports obtained in RTI. To silent students, to harass them, to frighten them or to scare them away at its best they are the expert by calling them for trivial interrogations. Once during the conduction of a Departmental Inquiry while Asst. Proctor Dr. Hasan Imam issued a Call slip asked me questions, A IInd Year Law Student came to the Proctor Office and he was so scared just that Proctor Office issued Call Slip to him that he was in tears and begging literally that he knows nothing and plead that they should not suspend him. While I was firm to face any Officer but this guy’s teary eyes and the subsequent smirk on the Proctor Officials that they can torture any student made me feel so pathetic of that place called Proctor Office. Things were not like this before 2007. And such terrifying interrogations are the reality of Aligarh Muslim University only. You want to know how many has happened till now ?

Mr. Shehzad filed an RTI with the questions
1.       Since 1 July, 2007 how many students have been called by the Proctor Office with call slip? Kindly provide the certified list of those students along with the name of student, class, Enrollment No., date of Call, Timing of Call, designation of the authority who called the student, reason of call and the result of Call.
2.       If the timing of the Call clashed with the timing of the classes, then whether the Proctor Office issued the class attendance relaxation letter to the students or to the concerned Chairman. If yes, then how many students have been issued this kind of letter? Kindly provide the list of that student/Chairman , along with name, despatch number of letters and date.

And the reply is shocking. According to the reply furnished by the CPIO, Proctor Office letter vide D.No. 168/Proc dated 9.9.2010 the RTI applicant were asked to submit Rs.4802 to get the copies of 2401 Call Slips issued.

The simple answer is- Since July 1, 2007 the Proctor Officials at the AMU has summoned 2401 students for interrogation. The shocking average is 3 students per day since that time.
In what kind of dystopia we are living that everyday 3 students are paraded to the Proctor Office for this and that. As I have said this is just a systematic scaring tactic of the students which is in practice now. And such summoning of students in thousand is unseen at any University in India in the name of maintaining discipline.( Look at the papers

In another RTI application that I filed at the CPIO, Dept of Higher Education, Govt. Of India regarding the disciplinary actions on students at the various Central Universities since July 1, 2007 the answers that are coming from the CPIOs of various Central Universities should hang the head of AMU authorities in shame.
The number of students suspended while 152 at AMU now in the last 3 years, this number has not touched even 8 in any other University in India for the same time. So AMU is in the way has taken disciplinary actions on students unimaginable times higher. Well even we justify the rustication of 40-50 students in the 2007 VC lodge arsoning case , what other things happened that such a large number of student get suspended is only a mystery.

Vice-Chancellor Janab Prof.Azis Sahab did a lot of favour to me by his actions( the media ones and the respect I got in universities like JU) . So hence I am on the way of returning his favour. Through my contact I am in touch with Limca Book of Records people and they are interested with this data collected as such first time in India regarding the disciplinary actions on students so heavily. So probably our current Vice-Chancellor’s name soon be added on the basis of those documents in the Limca Book of Records for Highest Number of Suspension by Vice-Chancellor in India. May be after some years while playing with the grandchildren he can’t boast of his other achievement at AMU, but his name embossed on the pages of Limca Book of Records would definitely be something to be proud of. I am trying with the contacts if Guinness Book of Records people would be interested or not in such data.

Lyndoh Committee recommendations which is accepted by the Govt. of India now has mentioned the necessity of the Students Union on account of illegal and systematic suppression of students through massive disciplinary actions in the name of maintaining Discipline.

Lyndoh Committee noted,
“On the other hand, various instances were brought to the notice of the Committee
involving harassment of students by the faculty and the administration, including sexual
harassment, charging of exorbitant capitation fees for obtaining seats in courses as well as, ostensibly, for the provision of ‘infrastructural facilities’ to the students, as well as the imposition of unusually harsh norms on day-to-day student life in the name of maintaining discipline in the institution.”

Aligarh Muslim University with all the RTI replies which documented the systematic harassment of the students and finishing off the careers of many students for no reason unlike in any other University in the whole country has only justified the Students demand for the immediate restoration of AMU Students Union.
I sometime really miss to be the part of this student movement. In my case where the entire institution was used and put against a student abusing all the laws of the land we needed a strong reaction of institutionalizing such crime. Students still come to me and say we still consider you one of amongst us and I just can’t but advise them on legal and media affairs. But students need a revolution to oppose such student’s oppression here.

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