Thursday, January 14, 2010

AMU students distribute blankets

"The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”- Mahatma Gandhi

Dear Friends,

Long time back the Father of our nation Mahatma Gandhi said those words to inspire the entire humanity to find the true oneself in serving the 'have nots' lot in the world. And what is the best time than the youthful moments of student days when one should instill such high values in order to attain the true understanding of what it meant to be human.

Recently the Northern India faced one of the worst cold waves which resulted more than 200 untimely death. Most of the dead persons are from poor community and specially slum dwellers or street sleepers who doesn't even posses a cover to put on. With the state apathy and lack of care from people who "have" till now no steps has been taken to provide any sort of help to such distress lot of the society.

AMU students are not in the same coterie and they proved it recent by collecting money among themselves and distributing blanket, quilt etc among such street sleepers and slum dwellers around the campus area.

Residents of Sir Ziauddin Hall can feel proud of the fact that residents of their Hall started this initiative. Students like Mushtaq Ahmad M.Com( F), Naseer Ahmad Rana B.Sc(F), Mohd Suhail B.Sc (F), Mohd Gufran Khan B.Sc(F), Mohd Ikram Khan B.Sc(F) led by the President, AMU Students Struggle Committee Md. Faizan Khan, M.A.E.B.M of the same Hall started to collect money from every Halls of Residence with minimum Rs.10 and raised a fund of Rs. 24,400. Students from various Halls of Residences including I.G.Hall and Abdullah contributed in it with so much enthusiasm. Some students from every Halls volunteered in collecting this amount as it could not be done so by few initiators.

Faizan Khan and his team bought 150 blankets with this amount and distributed them among the street sleepers at Kathpula, Shamshad, Tasveer Mahal and among the slum dwellers near Chunghi, behind the Sultan Jahan Hall, near Bhambola fatak and other adjoining areas around the campus from 11 Jan to 13 Jan.

SSP, Aligarh Mr. Asim Arun participated in the first day among this distribution programme and praised such social service from the sides of the AMU students. Dean, Faculty of Commerce Prof. Ziauddin Khairoowala also joined these students in their noble effort on 12th Jan and advised students to serve the needy and poor right from the beginning.

However media looked disinterested to cover the philanthropic activities by AMU students when informed as Faizan Khan said.

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