Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Who create these Irfans and Rahuls in India

A bone to the dog is not charity. Charity is the bone shared with the dog, when you are just as hungry as the dog.

--Jack London (1876 - 1916)

We live in a world which is unequal, where the world around ourselves teach us the basic tenets of morality and immorality, where the shades of plutocracy is everywhere and definitely it’s the same world, the same life which infuse the zeal amongst us to see the unseen, to hear the unheard and to feel what can’t be felt. But many amongst us has accepted the world as it is and lost the passion to inquire about it even. However there is always light at the end of the tunnel that the human instinct rise from within time and again and search for the border of illusion.

Charity is a buzzword in the modern world. Especially in the wealthy west along with many evils this noble fashion also exist which fund many humanistic projects in the third world. Microsoft owner Bill Gates can be slammed for not following business ethics in many of his ventures and get punished by the Court too but we can’t deny that hundreds of Crores of Rupees he invested here in India for philanthropist activities along with his wife Melinda Gates. Famous musician from the band U2 BONO has given away millions of Dollars collected from his concerts for the hunger ridden people of the Third World. Same goes for the bad boy of the Music world Justine Timberlake who recently topped among the charity list. But in the end they are doing something good and have to be appreciated.

The situation in India is not quite satisfactory. The Big Business Houses here are least interested in all these philanthropist activities and more engaged in acquiring land from the poor farmers. The record of Bollywood in the charitable affairs is not quite good in comparison to the magnitude of the industry. Here Shahrukh Khan can be seen in all the promotional events of his Team Kolkata in IPL 20-20 where he happily invested 200 crores, Some others can be seen clicking photographs with some cancer or AIDS patient time to time but a culture of forming Charitable Trust which significantly manages and cater to huge needy people lack shamelessly here.

I have no words to praise for the Aligarh Project initiated by some enthusiastic people like Janab Razi Raziuddin Sb. , Dr. Kashif Razi Sb, Shakeel Sb and all others at the Aligarh Forum which will definitely show the way and call for a new era to serve the needy ones. Definitely already many organizations are working for such noble cause but the critical situation of the Muslims in India caused from a systematic state apathy and the narrow outlook of the community need more attention.

We know true democracy is the one where everyone will enjoy the equal opportunity from the state in terms of social, economical, political and definitely educational perspectives. However the gap between Rahuls and Irfans always let us bow in shame of what we promised to this nation on January 26, 1950. And the case with the Muslims is even the worst. The UPA government can give 700 Crore tax exemptions, duty & levies exemptions to all the Big Business Houses per day( Imagine what it will be in a year) but it has not yet increased the funding of Moulana Azad Foundation( to be invested in minority education and scholarships) Rs.1000 Crore from mere 100 Crore this time. This UPA govt. introduced a special amendment in the section 36 of the Income Tax Act in the Finance Bill 2009( Any one can google) which ultimately gave a profit hefty 20000 crore to Ambani family only in the end of the year. It is often said that “redistribution” is an illusory word and can only exist in mind, but we have never seen any attempt as such so. But okay that Ambani family has contributed to Indian economy and should have special privilege, but what about these Irfans whose dreams are shattered by the state apathy even before the beginning. We don’t talk of E for Education but E for economics now. Raising the tuition fees are explained as ‘education as investment’ by the parents. We say everyone is free to eat from Macdonald but we never ask how many can afford so here in India.

I was very pained to see when no “true” questions were asked to Mr. Rahul Gandhi and entire AMU was busy in stooping so low before him. But when we know that these people always come here with an interest why we didn’t ask for some favours directly from him during these visits? He is the member of Parliamentary Committee on HRD. Why a noble initiative taken by Students Union back in 60’s to establish a school for the wards of 4thGrade employees has not extended its facilities time to time and incorporated such Irfans naturally. Why such principles such visions are not in place? Why we could not ask Mr. Rahul Gandhi, M.P to make policies to make the education completely free for such institutions maintained by AMU for the wards of low scale earners.

The reality is we are blind in our own world.

Let’s see the light of the day with the projects like “Aligarh Project”.

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