Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Illegal Hall Dues charged by the Sulaiman Hall Administration

These days exams are going on in full swing. I often visit the Sulaiman Hall Canteen to have a cup of tea and a French( Fren Tost pronounced by the workers there) Toast to take a break from my studies.

Recently I met this guy from the Faculty of Engineering Syed Md. Jawed Husain, B.Tech II, of En No-GC7049 at the same place who was ruminating about something which literally shocked me to the core. I asked myself, is this possible? Has the Hall Administration forgotten all its power and duties? If in such way Hall Administration at AMU would deal with the students then it may always led to another Bab-E-Syed revolt.

As told me by Jawed, when he applied for the Central Minority Scholarship last year he was not receiving any other scholarship at that moment. However when Rs.19,702 was sanctioned to him this year from Central Minority Scholarship Programme at that moment he has already been awarded Sultana Jahan Scholarship( Washington D.C) of Rs.5000 and Krishna Engineering Schoolarship Rs.3000.
So the Scholarship advisor wrote in his Scholarship claim paper to surrender both the last two scholarships in order to receive the Central Minority Scholarship he has already been awarded.

As the Office of the Provost also send a copy of Hall Dues imposed upon any student if any Hall Fees remain, as the Scholarship Section get it subtracted from the Scholarship the student receiving that moment. So Sulaiman Hall administration claimed in the performa that this student is not receiving any Scholarship at that moment but have his due Hall Fees of a vast amount of Rs.8000 that he has to submit before Semester exam.

Now the interesting point is that the Hall Administration has filled the column of Hall Amenities with the Fee Amount Rs. 7000( against the Rs.70 fixed by AMU authority) and C&G/RR as Rs.1000( against Rs.35 fixed by AMU authority) and also we can see they were going to charge the student Rs.3000 more as Unforeseen but later stepped back( cutting marks we can see).
Now the basic question is this whatever the case is there-
Whether the Provost has any authority to charge any student Hall Amenities Fee or C&G/RR Fee of his choice rather than what is fixed by the University itself?

As per my experience I know, even the Vice-Chancellor, Aligarh Muslim University cant increase this Hall Amenities from Rs.70 to Rs.71 without the approval of Admission Committee or Academic Council or unless the use of special power attributed to him under 19(3) on behalf of the AC. So there is least doubt about the fact that this act by the Sulaiman Hall administration is an illegal one and overlooking such gross misconduct on their part would led to a bad precedent for other Hall administration.

Therefore, I earnestly request the AMU authority to put an inquiry to find out how many such cases happened in AMU where Hall Administration did such illegal act and harassed innocent students and give exemplary punishment to the persons who are behind such violation of the AMU laid Rules and Regulation.

Justice should not be compromised at any cost.

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