Monday, January 4, 2010

My online journalism from AMU

"….. a free press has never yet caused a revolution in any part of the world …….. whereas, where no freedom of the press existed and grievances consequently remained unrepresented, innumerable revolutions have taken place in all parts of the globe."
-- Raja Rammohan Roy..

Why I have created this blog? Why I am talking about online journalism at AMU?
The answer is simple. The functions that a serious mass media can perform with benefit to society are the credible-informational, the critical-investigative-‘ watchdog’, the educational, and the agenda-building functions. But when I look around the New Media Technology like Blogs, Internet Groups, Web portals etc related to AMU somehow they look so "touch-me-not"( some though played significant role during the sine die this year I must say)towards all the true and serious issues of AMU. However I mainly like to deal with the student causes that seriously require attention.
Unfortunately, a propaganda or ‘manufacture of consent’ role is also played from time to time by some vested interest groups, a negative function that harms society and the people’s interests which I always abhor.
So my blog is the answer towards these self interest groups and all those lobbyist who wish that the darkness under the lamp get never exposed. Those who believe that AMU should be run by the whims and fancies of them and it does not matter whatever it cost to the student fraternity, I think they should rethink again.

When I started to write at the yahoo groups on Internet and advocated on many things including the restoration of AMU Students Union I received a little bit indirect backlash from the AMU administration. On my article called " Heaters Heat and the Heat is on" after a raid by AMU adm. at Habib Hall in the month of October I even got indirect threatening from the AMU administration. I know AMU don't have any law to convict students for writing on the internet but here there are many indirect measures.However I wear that as a crown, for the fact I felt that at least my writing has some substance to be felt threaten of. I know I am too idealistic at times, but above all I don't compromise with anything unjustified.

Yes there is a lack of space here for open discussion and fierce criticism of the policies of the state(AMU) which should be the very basis of a democracy to strengthen it. Its kiddish to say that it tarnish the image of AMU. There is more act with responsibility than to criticize with responsibility.
The quotation of Raja Rammohan Roy is very apt to whatever happened to AMU after the sad demise of Mr.Shahnawaz on October 25, 2009. My initiative at the yahoo networks as a mode of online journalism was attacked on many fronts. Another November revolution or 'Bab-e-Syed revolt' as may one call it happened at the AMU campus.
This blog will be entirely my space.I love open discussion and I love debates. So lets start......

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