Wednesday, January 13, 2010

First semester exam of Mass Comm and some interesting facts

"Satya Seleucus! Ki Bichitro ei Desh!( True Selukus! What a strange country it is!)... " A play written by Rabindranath Tagore( May be as far as I can remember. I have not read Bengali literature since long)

In this play Tagore wrote a particular moment where Alexandr the Great gave expression of exclamation at the peculiar things of India to his Commander in Chief Seleucus.
I think he would have added more sentences to this statement had he ever visited AMU.

Well today I appeared for my first semester exam of Mass Communication. The paper was "Principles of the Mass Communication", which is usually taught by the Chairman of our Department, Professor Nur Ahmad Khan Durrani( His full name become famous after the BAB-Syed revolution for the sincere effort by the research scholar of the same dept the great Irfan Khan)alias Prof.NAK Durrani. Well the paper went well and I at the difficult moments when I could not remember the notes of our Chairman sir took help of all my readings earlier esp. on the subjects of Media and Culture, Social Responsibility Theory of the Press and etc.

However today I witnessed one of the strange cheating techniques by one of my fellow classmates whom we generally call PAA( He is 78 born) which even the invigilator could not identify and let him write with that piece of paper. In a chit, he wrote some words in Hindi to memorize the terms of the HUB model of communication. They are the Codes, Content, Communicator, Gatekeeper, Mass Media, Regulator, Filter etc etc. He wrote on a chit in sequential order these words in hindi- Tambu, Bakri, M.M.Hall....Adhikari.

Now its very natural one can get confused what the heck it is! But see this genius( We all friends said later in unison that if would have used this mind in proper study of the same topic he could have scored highest). Tambu which "Tent" in English codified for "Content", Bakri is Goat which he codified for "Code" , M.M.Hall for Mass Media and Adhikari for Authoratorian Theory of the Press. Wow! We were all amazed at such exemplary invention of cheating technique. I never cheated in my life and its abhorrent to me but I am in awe for this invention I must say.

Today Arts Faculty was my exam center.It looked strange to me that Boys have been given Arts Faculty and Girls as Minto Circle as their exam center. I mean MA people study together, give their sessionals together, cheat from each other pages( common at Mass Comm) then why giving the semester exam at different places? When I told it to one of my feminist friend she said its the "Regulation of Sexuality" which is commonplace at a patriarch institution like AMU.

Satya Seleucus! Ki Bichitro ei desh!.

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